Junior Electronics Engineer

1 - 3 Year
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Junior Electronics Engineer

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Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities: 
1) Hands on experience working on high reliability electronic control systems (like Engine control units etc) 
2) Thorough understanding of power electronics components, their control, efficiency etc
3) Hands on embedded system programming experience with focus on real time systems, redundancy, reliability and robustness
4) Experience working in automotive / aerospace industry preferable
5) Design of PCBs for power electronics and control including simulation
6) Testing of fabricated PCBs for specified test cases. 
7) Testing of battery packs and other control systems for different conditions.
8) Good understanding of embedded C programming. Hands on development on platforms  like Arduino, TI launchpads, Raspberry PI, Beagle Bone.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Previous projects  (academic and extra-curricular. to be evaluated on type of projects and complexity of projects)
2. Depth of knowledge about previous projects
3. Theoretical knowledge & Application orientation
4. Ability and willingness to learn & grow
5. Teamwork
6. Independence in working on assigned tasks and on ability to deliver quality work on time
7. Familiarity with hardware systems (hands on work)
8. Familiarity with coding (Embedded C)



Minimum Qualification: BE/ B.Tech 
Skills & Experiences with Advantage: 
    1. IoT systems experience is a plus
    2. Robotics / Mechatronics experience is a plus
    3. KiCAD / other EDA software
    4. SPICE knowledge is a plus
    5. Experience in GIT is a plus
Hands-on Skills/Tests:
1. Soldering,
2. Board evaluation,
3. Data sheet analysis / Spec sheet analysis
4. Familiarity with Dremel, soldering stations, heat guns and other hardware equipment commonly used in prototyping applications
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Electronics Engineer


Key Skills
  • IoT systems experience is a plus
  • Robotics / Mechatronics experience is a plus
  • KiCAD / other EDA software
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